With the passage of time, we are so much busy in our daily routine of life and do not bother to take care of ourselves. We are so much busy in our work to earn

money and in this race of earning money we forgot our health. How to lose weight very fast without exercise, is a big question of us and want

to know the answer to this question. Some people go on the internet and search how to lose weight in a week or in 2 weeks but I can say to them

every thing is possible if they want to lose weight fast in a week. To lose weight in your face and belly fat everything is possible. When talking about losing weight we have to know about our eating habit which are crucial in

this process of losing weight. Following step we should do if we want to lose

weight with exercise or without exercise:-

1. Self-Motivation:- Self-motivation in losing weight is very

necessary in weight losing process. If we are not willing to lose

weight, no body can help us in this matter. So, we have to focus on this thing we should encourage ourselves and we should not take

care of people what they are saying about you. Only one person can help you in losing weight that is you. Be brave and take it as task

and change the views of people about yourselves that you can do it.

2. Know Your Eating Habits:- How to lose weight

well is a valid question but to solve this mystery we have to know

about our eating habits. We have indulged ourselves in bad eating habits and we continued to eat the whole day without knowing that

how many calories are required for our body and how much we are

taking calories in eating. Here is a calories chart that helps to know

about our food intake.

3. Digital Scale For Weight Measuring:- A digital scale for

weight measuring is very necessary in this task of losing weight, we have to purchase it from the market to monitor our weight daily. It will help

us a lot to move forward in the right direction. Without Digital Scale we are going to our destination without any direction and do not know where we are going?

4. Purchase an Activity Diary:- We should purchase an

activity diary for writing our daily eating food details. In our activity,

there should be our history of everything. Our weight should be

mentioned in this activity diary. After mentioning all about ourselves in

this activity diary we will move forward and daily monitor our weight and write down on this

activity diary. This diary will help us in this journey of losing weight.

5. Stop Eating Fast-Food and Bakery Items:-We should

immediately stop eating fast food and bakery items. If we do not stop

intaking these things. We can not achieve our goal. Then our

destination remained far away from us. So this is the best, we should

try to minimize fast food and bakery items in our daily food. It will help us a lot in losing weight.

6. Fizzy Drinks No More:-We should immediately stop drinking

fizzy drinks during our meal and after a meal. Frizzy drinks are a hindrance in our way and our destination. So stop these fizzy drinks and

use lukewarm water in our food. Do not drink water during food and

after food. Try to drink water before eating a meal, it will help us to eat

less than our daily


7. Use Green Tea:-We should use green tea daily twice without

sugar.It will help us a lot in our destination to lose weight from our face

and whole body.

8. No More Sugar:-We have to stop using sugar in our daily intake

items and it is difficult to stop using sugar but not possible. If we can not

stop using it immediately, we should minimize it and slowly it can be weed out from our daily meal. It is a big hurdle in our losing weight destiny. So sugar and sweet no more in our diet.

9. Increase Vegetables in Our Diet:-We should increase

vegetables in our diet. There is a lot of fibre in the vegetable and

energy which help us in losing weight and save us from constipation.

Constipation will disturb us but we can control it by using a fresh

vegetable as salad and in our dishes.

10. Enhance Fruits in Our Diet:-We should immediately enhance fruits in our daily life and minimize bread and“chapatti” in our food. So

these are some important things which we should keep in our mind.

In the end, I can say that to lose weight in a week, 2 weeks, a month is

in your own hand. We are the best to know what to do and how to do

it. Losing weight is not a riddle and it can be possible to lose weight fast, by taking above mentioned measures. It is the start of our journey and I will write on it more to help my readers and it is the first part of it.

To Be Continue….